How does the Big Six Wheel work?

A slot or square is used to symbolize each section on the wheel. By placing $1 in the appropriate slot or square for the desired segment, players place their wagers. In the majority of casinos, wagers on multiple segments can total no more than $1 per segment. The wheel is spun once everyone has put their wagers.
Pay attention to the wager with the lowest house edge. The house edge offered by each betting area varies, and the variations in numbers result from the trade-off between each location’s various spaces.
Consider the Volatility of Gambling – Depending on your bet, Big Six could be very unpredictable.

The objective is to stake money on the symbol you believe will be lucky on the subsequent spin. The Dealer spins the wheel, and if it stops spinning and lands on the symbol you bet on, you win.
The odds for $1 bills are one to one, for $2 bills they are two to one, for $5 bills they are five to one, and so on. Depending on local gambling laws or the casino’s policy, the joker and the logo pay at odds of 40 to 1 or 45 to 1.
Six wheels provide the benefit of reducing the weight on the corner wheels, which facilitates turning. In order to carry a greater amount of the weight, the majority of six wheel layouts either employ lower friction wheels on the corners or have the center wheels somewhat lower than the corner wheels (1/16 to 1/8″).

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