How does the Sweet Bonanza Candyland works?

Sweet Bonanza Candyland is a popular online slot game that is played on various online casinos. The game is developed by Pragmatic Play and is known for its colorful and vibrant graphics, as well as its unique gameplay features.

The objective of Sweet Bonanza Candyland is to spin the reels and match symbols to win payouts. The game features a 6×5 grid layout, which means there are six reels and five rows of symbols. Instead of traditional paylines, the game uses a cluster pays system, which means that symbols can be matched horizontally or vertically to create clusters.

To start playing Sweet Bonanza Candyland, players must first select their bet size. The minimum bet is typically around 20 cents, while the maximum bet can be several hundred dollars. Once the bet size has been selected, players can spin the reels and wait for the symbols to land.

The symbols in Sweet Bonanza Candyland are all related to the candy theme of the game. There are various types of candy symbols, including lollipops, grapes, watermelons, apples, and bananas. There are also special symbols such as the scatter symbol and the multiplier symbol.

The scatter symbol in Sweet Bonanza Candyland is represented by a pink lollipop. If three or more scatter symbols land on the reels, players will trigger the free spins bonus round. During the free spins round, players can earn up to 100 free spins, depending on how many scatter symbols landed on the reels.

The multiplier symbol in Sweet Bonanza Candyland is represented by a rainbow-colored lollipop. If this symbol lands on the reels, it will trigger a multiplier of up to 100x. This means that any winnings earned during that spin will be multiplied by the amount shown on the multiplier symbol.

One of the unique features of Sweet Bonanza Candyland is the Tumble feature. This feature is triggered whenever a winning cluster is formed on the reels. The winning symbols will disappear from the screen, and new symbols will tumble down to fill the empty spaces. This can create new winning clusters, which will trigger another Tumble feature. This process can continue until there are no more winning clusters on the screen.

Overall, Sweet Bonanza Candyland is an entertaining and engaging online slot game that is known for its colorful graphics and unique gameplay features. With its cluster pays system, free spins bonus round, and Tumble feature, this game offers plenty of opportunities for players to win big payouts while enjoying a fun and exciting gaming experience.

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