How Greyhound racing works in Online Casino?

Greyhound Racing mimics an excellent reproduction of a greyhound location and event, just like our horse racing offering. Six greyhounds begin the race in an anticlockwise direction. Following our pathing algorithm for position variability across the course, each greyhound has a unique color vest. For a better in-game experience, we intend to add more locations, more prelude video, more greyhounds, more race types, and other camera movements.

  • Supports all popular betting markets, including win, forecast, reverse forecast, tricast, and reverse tricast. It also supports accumulators and numerous bets.
  • Every race is followed by a slow-motion replay.
    every two minutes, races
  • Each race has access to more than 60 canines with a variety of skills and personalities.
  • Dogs are recognized by their color-coded jackets.
  • Multilingual, fully localized human voiceover
  • Flexible game logic for regulating systems
  • A simulation of a six- or eight-dog greyhound race on a 400-meter oval track
  • Fairness is encouraged because the bouts are original and not pre-recorded.
  • The game has been stored for potential future analysis.
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