How to play 7 Piggies Scratchcard in Pragmatic play?

7 Piggies Scratchcard. Here’s everything you need to know to play and win big.

First things first, head on over to your favorite online casino that offers Pragmatic Play games. Once you’ve found 7 Piggies Scratchcard, it’s time to get started.

The game is pretty straightforward. You’ll see seven adorable little piggies waiting for you, each with a prize value hidden beneath them. Your goal is to uncover three matching prize values to win that amount.

To start the game, simply select your bet amount and hit play. You’ll then be prompted to click on each piggy to reveal its prize value. If you’re feeling lucky, you can click on each piggy individually. Or, if you’re feeling impatient, you can hit the reveal all button to see all the prizes at once.

But here’s where things get interesting. If you’re not happy with the prize values you’ve revealed, you can choose to reshuffle and try again. You get three reshuffles per game, so use them wisely.

And if you’re really feeling lucky, keep an eye out for the golden piggy. This little guy is hiding a special prize value that can really boost your winnings.

So there you have it, folks. 7 Piggies Scratchcard is a fun and easy game that can potentially lead to big payouts. Give it a try and see if the piggies are on your side today.

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