How to play African Elephant?

First things first, you’ll need to gather your herd. African Elephant is best played with a group of friends, so round up your most adventurous pals and get ready to roam the savannah.

Next, it’s time to pick your playing field. African Elephant can be played in any open space, so choose a park or field that’s big enough for your group to run around in. Just make sure there aren’t any real elephants nearby – we don’t want any stampedes!

Once you’ve got your herd and your playing field, it’s time to get into character. Channel your inner elephant and start trumpeting, flapping your “ears”, and swishing your “tail”. The more convincing you are, the more fun you’ll have.

Now for the rules. African Elephant is a simple game – the goal is to be the last elephant standing. To start, everyone lines up on one end of the playing field. When the game begins, everyone starts “charging” towards the other end. The catch? You can only move by taking three steps and then stopping to trumpet loudly. If you forget to trumpet, you’re out!

As you charge towards the other end of the field, other players will be trying to knock you out of the game by tagging you. If you get tagged, you have to sit down and trumpet until the next round begins. The last elephant standing wins!

African Elephant is a hilarious and wild game that’s perfect for a day out with friends. So gather your herd, find a field, and get ready to trumpet your way to victory! Just remember – no real elephants allowed.

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