How to play Avalon in Softgamings?

Avalon is a game of deception and hidden identities. The game is played with a group of people, where each player is assigned a role – either a loyal servant of King Arthur or a member of the evil Mordred’s army. The goal of the game is for the loyal servants to complete three quests successfully, while the evil members try to sabotage them.

Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of the game. The game is played in rounds, and each round has two phases – the quest phase and the voting phase. During the quest phase, the players vote on who should go on the quest. Once the players are chosen, they go on the quest and complete it. If the quest is successful, the loyal servants get one step closer to winning. But if it fails, the evil members get one step closer to their victory.

During the voting phase, players vote on whether or not they trust the players going on the quest. This is where the deception comes in. Evil members can pretend to be loyal servants and vice versa. It’s up to the players to use their deduction skills and figure out who’s who.

But wait, there’s more! There are special roles in the game that can make things even more interesting. For example, Merlin is a loyal servant who knows who the evil members are, but if he reveals himself too early, he risks being killed by the evil members. There’s also the Assassin, who can kill Merlin if they correctly guess his identity.

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