How to play Bonus Poker Deluxe in SoftGamings?

Bonus Poker Deluxe in SoftGamings? This exciting game is a variation of traditional video poker that offers even more chances to win big.

To get started, simply log in to your SoftGamings account and navigate to the Bonus Poker Deluxe game. Once you’re there, you’ll need to decide how much you want to bet per hand. The minimum bet is just a few cents, while the maximum can be several dollars or more.

Once you’ve placed your bet, you’ll be dealt five cards. Your goal is to make the best possible poker hand using these cards. You can choose to keep all of your cards, or you can discard some and draw new ones in the hopes of improving your hand.

One of the key features of Bonus Poker Deluxe is the bonus payouts that are available for certain hands. For example, if you get four of a kind with aces, you’ll receive a bonus payout that’s higher than what you’d get for four of a kind with any other card.

To make things even more interesting, Bonus Poker Deluxe also offers a gamble feature. After each winning hand, you’ll have the option to gamble your winnings in a high-low card game. If you guess correctly, you can double your winnings – but if you guess wrong, you’ll lose everything.

Overall, Bonus Poker Deluxe is an exciting and engaging game that’s perfect for both beginners and experienced players. With its bonus payouts and gamble feature, there’s always the chance to win big – so why not give it a try today?

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