How to play Curse of the Werewolf?

Curse of the Werewolf, the thrilling game that will have you howling at the moon in no time.

First things first, gather your friends and choose who will be the werewolf. This lucky player will secretly choose a victim each night to turn into a werewolf themselves. The rest of the players must work together to figure out who the werewolf is before it’s too late.

But beware, the werewolf is not the only curse in this game. There are also villagers who have been cursed with special abilities, such as the Seer who can see if someone is a werewolf, and the Hunter who can take out a werewolf before they strike.

As the game progresses, tensions rise and accusations fly. Who is the werewolf? Who can be trusted? And most importantly, who will survive?

But don’t worry, even if you’re not the best liar or strategist, Curse of the Werewolf is all about having fun and embracing your inner beast. So grab a silver bullet (or a snack) and get ready for a wild ride.

In conclusion, Curse of the Werewolf is the perfect game for anyone who loves a good mystery and doesn’t mind a little bit of bloodshed. Just remember, in this game, it’s not always the obvious suspect who’s to blame. Happy hunting!

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