How to play Gifts of Ostara scratch in SoftGamings?

Gifts of Ostara scratch in SoftGamings!

First things first, head over to SoftGamings and find the Gifts of Ostara scratch game. Once you’ve clicked on it, you’ll see a festive Easter-themed screen with a bunch of colorful eggs. Don’t let them distract you too much though, because it’s time to start scratching!

To play, simply use your mouse or finger to scratch off the silver coating on each of the nine eggs. If you reveal three matching symbols, you’ll win the corresponding prize. Easy peasy, right?

But wait, there’s more! If you’re feeling lucky, you can also choose to play with a higher bet amount. This will increase your potential winnings, but also your potential losses. So, make sure you’re comfortable with your bet amount before you start scratching away.

Now, let’s talk about the prizes. There are six different symbols you can reveal on the eggs, each with its own prize amount. The lowest prize is 1x your bet amount, while the highest is a whopping 10,000x your bet amount! Talk about a sweet Easter treat.

But the real prize is the Gifts of Ostara bonus round. If you reveal three bonus symbols, you’ll trigger this exciting feature. In the bonus round, you’ll be presented with a bunch of Easter baskets to choose from. Each basket contains a different prize amount, so choose wisely!

And that’s pretty much it! Gifts of Ostara scratch is a fun and festive game that’s perfect for getting into the Easter spirit. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on over to SoftGamings and start scratching!

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