How to play Monopoly live in Online Casino?

Are you ready to become a real estate tycoon and bankrupt your friends in the process? Then it’s time to learn how to play Monopoly Live!

First things first, gather your friends (or enemies, depending on how competitive you are) and set up the game board. Make sure everyone has their own game piece, whether it’s the classic car or the modern-day T-Rex.

Next, shuffle the Chance and Community Chest cards and place them in their designated spots on the board. Then, give each player $1500 in Monopoly money and let the games begin!

Roll the dice and move your game piece around the board. When you land on a property, you have the option to buy it or let it go up for auction. Pro tip: always buy the orange properties, they’re a gold mine.

If you’re lucky enough to own a complete set of properties of the same color, you can start building houses and hotels. This is where the real money starts rolling in. Just don’t forget to charge your opponents rent when they land on your property.

But watch out for those Chance and Community Chest cards. They can either make you rich or bankrupt you in a matter of seconds. And don’t even get me started on landing on Income Tax or Luxury Tax spaces.

The game continues until one player has bankrupted all their opponents and becomes the sole owner of the board. Congratulations, you’re now a Monopoly Live champion!

So there you have it, the basics of how to play Monopoly Live. Now go forth and dominate the board like the real estate mogul you were meant to be. And remember, it’s not personal, it’s just business.

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