How to play The hand of the Midas?

The Hand of the Midas!

First things first, let’s talk about the objective of the game. The goal is simple: turn as many objects as possible into gold. But be careful, not everything can be turned into gold and there are some obstacles that will make your task harder.

To start playing, you need to download The Hand of the Midas app and create an account. Once you’re in, you’ll be presented with a map where you can choose the level you want to play. Each level has different challenges and different objects that you can turn into gold.

Once you’ve chosen your level, it’s time to start playing. To turn an object into gold, you just need to touch it with your hand. But be careful, if you touch an object that can’t be turned into gold, you’ll lose points. And if you touch an obstacle, like a bomb or a snake, you’ll lose a life.

As you progress through the levels, the game gets harder and harder. You’ll encounter more obstacles and objects that can’t be turned into gold. But don’t worry, there are power-ups that can help you along the way. For example, there’s a power-up that makes your hand bigger so you can turn more objects into gold at once.

But the real challenge in The Hand of the Midas is to get a high score. You’ll need quick reflexes and a good eye to turn as many objects as possible into gold without losing points or lives. And if you’re really good, you might even make it onto the leaderboard.

So what are you waiting for? Download The Hand of the Midas and start turning everything into gold. Just don’t blame us if you start seeing everything in shades of yellow!

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